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Mar 1, 2021

We’re breaking it down on this very first “debrief” episode about some of the biggest takeaways from last week’s conversation with CEO and podcaster Khrystal Jones. She shared some mic-drop worthy advice on why you NEED to align with your core values, and not with the “shoulds” that society creates for you. We’re continuing the dialogue to dig deeper into some of these ideas — as well as some compelling quotes from Khrystal — to better understand the influence of race, values, and privilege on the path to individual liberation.


We’re exploring:


  • The importance of using your voice to stand up for your values, even if it makes you (or others!) uncomfortable


  • Emily’s proposal for reevaluating the word “woke”


  • Courthney and Emily reflect on two POWERFUL quotes from last week’s guest, Khrystal Jones 
  • Having to have “the talk” about police brutality with your kids
  • What we can learn from our kids
  • ONE thing there should NEVER be in this world in regards to social justice
  • The adultification of Black children in this country
  • Courthney’s eye-opening thoughts on the link between safety and race 
  • How you can acknowledge the power of privilege and open up to the people who are listening (as well as those who aren’t!)
  • And so much more!


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