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Oct 28, 2022

We’ve got a fun role swap for you today: in this episode, we’re bringing you an interview where we had the opportunity to be the guests! We were interviewed by the amazing Sage Hobbs and Erica Howard for their podcast Race, Culture, and Beyond: A Naked Conversation Series to explore friendship across race (which they share with us!)


Sage and Erica share our passion for doing antiracism work through real, honest—and even sometimes messy!—conversations. Join us as we explore together the lessons we’ve learned about ourselves and each other on this journey, our relationship “secret sauce,” and how the 4 of us feel about making a difference one conversation at a time.


We’re sharing:


  • What we’re listening to, reading, and binge watching lately (and a surprising sitcom favorite of Courthney’s!)
  • The concert from Emily’s past that made Courthney want to work with her
  • How we met and the birth of Humanize
  • Courthney’s legacy that he hopes to leave
  • The powerful tool white folks can use (but often take for granted) to create change in DEI and antiracism


Connect with Sage and Erica at:

@sagebhobbs on LinkedIn and Instagram

@racecultureandbeyondpodcast on Instagram for Erica's company on LinkedIn

Children’s Book: Ordinary people change the world

Podcast: Race Culture and Beyond


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