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May 17, 2021

Karen is not new. White women have been bringing out their inner Karen for a LOT longer than you might think. So where exactly did Karen come from? In this episode, we’re joined by our guest Crystal Lynese, a DEI advocate whose work emphasizes Karens' particular brand of oppression, to share with us the historical origins of Karen, what being a Karen REALLY means, and the importance of changing Karen behaviors so that Black and Brown people can live in peace.


We’re exploring:

  • How Crystal was impacted by racial trauma in her hometown (and why this sparked her DEI activism)
  • The original Karen and her impact on the civil rights movement as we know it
  • What it means for Black women to be at the intersection of race and gender 
  • The fence Karen straddles
  • Crystal’s TOP TIPS for recognizing your own Karen behaviors and how to put them in check
  • The ONE belief that has to stop in order to truly dismantle white supremacy, racism and the patriarchy
  • Why white men don’t need to Karen
  • How and why Black bodies have historically been used a currency and commodity, and how this has protected white women
  • Why white supremacy hurts EVERYBODY—not just POC
  • Crystal’s traumatic first experience as a young woman being profiled by the police
  • What still needs to happen for Black people to be TRULY free
  • And so much more!


Connect with Crystal Lynese:

Website - Crystal Clear Consulting:






Resources mentioned in this episode:

“The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave” by Willie Lynch:


“They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South”:


“Birth of a Nation”:


James Marion Sims:


“Moment of Truth”:


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